Thailand Visa

Purpose of Travel: Tourism

Single entry, 30 days validity, 11,000

Multiple entry, 6 months, 38,000

➢ Personal covering letter, mentioning: name, passport number, purpose of visit, date of travel, and other important information. 

➢ Letter from the organization own by/employing the applicant, mentioning: the relation of the applicant to the organization, no objection for the applicant’s travel, date of leave that the applicant took, and other important information. 

➢ (Excluding governmental or international organization) The organization’s registration paper.  

➢ Two copies of applicant’s CNIC card.  

➢ Two copies of applicant’s passport, only for the page with information of passport holder. 

➢ Copy of applicant’s passport, for the page with visa.  

➢  Confirmed and non-refundable air ticket.  

➢ Documents relating to accommodation.  

➢ Applicant’s original bank statement covering at least 1 year, and a certified covering letter from the bank. (For Tourist Multiple Entry Visa: the bank account must have money exceeding 650,000 Pakistani Rupees for 6 consecutive months). 

➢ Documents showing the trust worthy of the applicant.  

➢ Other relevant supporting documents.  

One week

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